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Oct 20, 2020

I first heard about Suz when someone introduced me to her podcast Brand Builders Lab. From there I followed her on social media and became such a fan. Her energy is SO contagious but more then that she is an out of the box thinker like myself! So when I found out she was coming on the show I was doing happy dances in my office. I draw so much inspiration from her and I am sure you will too.
We talked about so many things, branding, stating the numbers, audience, boldness and I may have thrown in some good ol' Canadian saying eh! We also laughed....a lot! Two of the biggest things that I remember from our talk when she spoke about factoring your profit into the costs of a event you put on and that it doesn't matter the size of your audience but the engagement! You'll have to listen in to get the full context but it is fantastic and really made me stop and take a lot at a few things I had been doing in one of mu businesses.
If this is your first time hearing her name here is a little bit more info.
She is a BOLD Business Branding & Speaker Coach who takes your brand from basic biscuits to delectable 'got to have' goodness. If you want to be the go-to person in your industry or want clients clambering for your brand of awesome sauce and saying "I just have to work with YOU" - then Suz is your person!
She has over 10 years as a brand consultant working with global brands and as entrepreneurs, Suz knows what works when it comes to creating a brand that connects and stands out.
She is recognized as a Top 10 Branding Coach by YAHOO! Finance and having written for, Savvy SME and many other well known publications, Suz is also the author of Play Big, Brand Bold, host of the popular Brand Builders Lab Podcast and the creator of Brand Builders Academy & The Bold Speakers Collective.
She now works with savvy women in businesses to create confidently bold brands & profitable business without the burnout.
Visit our blog to find more ways to connect with Suz!