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Mar 8, 2022

Charlene pulls out all the stops in our conversation today as we breakdown her 5M’s. Why you don’t need to feel shame, how you can be making business harder then it needs to be and how money doesn’t make you better but just amplifies who you already are. 

Charlene Norman is a Chief Empathy Officer & Truth Teller with a dexterity of the ultimate trifecta:  change, business success and personal transformation.  She uses her 360-degree view of business, adds in decades of leading companies through ever-changing dynamics, and harnesses her ability to make people and processes more effective.  Then, by wrapping those power skills with a deep understanding of engaging the power of the human brain, she is steadfast in guiding business owners committed to their hopes and dreams of growing BIG and leaving a lasting legacy.

Charlene has always believed in breaking the past barriers and is part of the new frontier pushing the boundaries for the future.  She knows 3 THINGS: (1) business is not nearly as complicated as it seems, (2) making money and making an impact on the world is one, and the same and, (3) all business starts and ends with people.