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Nov 9, 2020

Converting online, easing social media stress, why goals are important, programs to make your life easier and so much more is what you are going to find in this episode with Amanda Ross. 

Who is she?

Amanda is the owner of SparkLab a creative agency that helps people move from a time=money business to an online business that ignites them with a focus on product development, online courses and branding.

She has led an international marketing team with a million dollar budget, trained/coached over 200 entrepreneurs to build strong brands, and she even got into film school (but never went) based on her essay on Cinematography in Wrestling.

Officially starting her FT business in 2013, Amanda has designed hundreds of digital and real products (she even made a board game) and has loved every minute of it.

She’s been a guest on multiple podcasts and Facebook groups sharing strategies on marketing, product planning and more.

She loves all things small business and you can find her playing frisbee with her dog, #BuffyTheBoston on any given Sunday.