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Mar 29, 2019

Like brushing our teeth or brewing a morning cup of coffee, checking in on what’s happening within our social networks has become part of the daily routine for most of us. As a result, social media has also become a routine marketing tactic for nearly every business these days Business is using it to help build brand awareness, share and interact with customers and create another touch point with their advertising.

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, both new and seasoned marketing professionals are constantly searching for answers on how they can best leverage social media within their businesses marketing strategies.

That is why I am so excited for today’s guest. Ashley Meadahl founded Premiere Event Management in 2008 and started using Social Media for her Business. She quickly realized the direction Business Marketing was going. In 2014, she discovered just how valuable Social Media was, when she created over $70,000 in revenue from ONE event, all generated by using Social Media advertising!! This established the annual Women in Business Conference.  ​In 2016, she began speaking at Conferences and teaching Workshops internationally, sharing what she has learned while being in Business and becoming top of her field.

She is currently on a live Workshop Tour across Western Canada teaching about social media. I am was so thrilled when she was able to fit us into her schedule.  She is such a wealth of knowledge and inspiration which you now can tap into as she has officially launched her Glow Getter Podcast available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Stitcher.

Visit her website: To link to all her social media, workshops and Podcast.