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Sep 9, 2020

Technology is something we all know is ever changing, sometimes it feels like you just get caught up and it all changes again. That is why having people like Carolyn on your team can help you save a lot of headaches while staying top of your game.  

What I love the best about her and her company is that she isn’t about just taking your money. What you do, what you stand for and most of all how profitable she can make you all matter.  She spoke to me about things to pay attention to, tips you can use today to start seeing more profit as well as she shared her interesting journey in life. 

Let me know what part you enjoyed the most in the comments below! I love hearing from you! Don’t forget to follow Carolyn and her company as well for more great tips and information. 

Here is a little more background on this guest:

Carolyn Lowe founded ROI Swift in 2015 to help emerging consumer brands get expert help in Amazon, Paid Ads for Facebook/Instagram, and Paid Search. So many smaller businesses were being taken advantage of by paying agencies big dollars for no results, and Carolyn thought that was wrong. Her team grew an apparel and footwear company from $0-12M in 18 months through paid Facebook and Instagram ads. Carolyn’s goal is to help 1000 brands grow profitably. So far, they have helped 105, so she is 895 away from retirement!

Fun facts about Carolyn: She once won $10,000 on the radio and wished she saved it to invest in Google or Amazon two decades later. After leaving Dell, she founded ROI Swift to follow her passion of helping emerging businesses grow. She is the mother of two children and has her pilot’s license, though no time to actually fly anymore.