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Jun 23, 2020

Getting back to the workforce can be a hard thing to do. I myself have not needed to update at CV in over 20 years. I'm not sure I would even know where to start. Which is why I can glad that there are people out there like Caitlin who can guide you through writing a resume that will get you noticed and doesn't just read like a job description or to do list.
You may be thinking, but I'm an entrepreneur what do I need a recruiter for? Think of how long the hiring process can take. From advertising to weeding through countless resumes to interview after interview. This is why getting to know the recruiters in your area can be a very valuable thing to do. How easy to call someone and list of the ideal employee and let them find them for you! You just never know who they have in their data base that would be just perfect for you.
And if you ever find yourself wanting to make a change and get back into the work force this connection will be the most valuable one that you have. Recruiters always have their ear to the work a day world and what is going on. Trust me this is one connection that will pay off for the rest of your working days.
As a special Caitlin is offering all Foxy Listeners 20% off all services just mention that you listened to this episode! It's that easy!