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Apr 6, 2021

What is better than 1? TWO! This week I sat down with Amber AND Oliva from Create Content Academy. We talked about creating videos for your business, everything from how to get started, what to talk about, how to leverage them and even what you may feel looking back on your first video. They also leave you with great tips on what to put in your video and even how to make it work in searches. 

Amber Lykins is an entrepreneur who spent a decade in the beauty industry growing her business the hard way. Chasing prospects around, trying to convince them they needed her product, and getting blocked on social media. You know the drill… At her breaking point, she was introduced to Youtube, and began producing simple videos designed to educate women of all ages on their cosmetics and skincare routines.

Amber’s video content has generated so much success that she co-founded the Create Content Academy with a goal to teach the same strategies and skills to beauty entrepreneurs across the map.

Olivia Heyward, owner of OH Creative Boutique has nearly 12 years of experience as a brand designer, Olivia’s background and graphic design and brand development provide a fresh perspective not only from a design aspect but for branding strategy as well. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs to create an authentic brand and to develop strategies to launch or expand their business. With her brand experience, she was able to help Amber grow her brand exponentially using video content. Now they are on a mission to help more women do the same.

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