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Aug 20, 2019

Comparison kills my motivation. It doesn't just kill it, sometimes it brutally murders it, buries it in a shallow grave and dances on it.
I wanted to do an episode about how comparison has killed my motivation recently but in truth comparison has plagued me for longer then I would care to admit.
How many times have you been looking through social media found yourself wishing you had someone else's life, their hair, their job, their mate, their anything? How often are you judging a book by its cover and thinking that what you see is a reality that you can never have? Do you find yourself looking at someone else and then allowing negative self talk to bombard you with listing all the things that you are doing wrong in your life?
We all compare ourselves to others, it is an obstacle that you cannot just overcome once but something that takes practice and consistency. With just a few tools we can rework our thoughts to look past the cover of those "books" we compare ourselves to, to find gratitude in what we have done with our lives, to find passion to change what we want and to allow ourselves to be proud of what we have accomplished big or small.