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Jun 2, 2020

Are you active or reactive in your business? Is conflict something you deal with easy or do you just avoid it? Today’s guest has tips to help you start to understand different strategies to really start to build the team of your dreams. 

Anne Hilb is an expert in conflict and connection, having spent her life training, mediating, community organizing and deferring young people and adults out of the legal system.

As an organization development consultant, trainer and facilitator she is deeply passionate about inclusion, opening space for difficult conversations, and learning more about groups and individuals. Her work can be boiled down to “avoiding avoidance,” and she strives every day to do just that.

Anne believes that to know oneself is to be most effective; that people support what they help create and that there is nothing so practical as a good theory. She brings these beliefs to her work where her goal is to always to balance relationship-building and problem-solving in order to reach a concrete plan and achieve forward movement.

Running towards conversations other often steer clear of, Anne offers candid observations, her quick wit and genuine curiosity to all looking for a partner in their work.

Proud aunt, avid nature lover, passionate story collector and defender of broccoli, Anne is the founder of Graymake Consulting, LLC and holds a Masters of Organization Development from The American University.