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Apr 7, 2020

Most business owners groan when they are faced with sitting down and working on the “books”. Lucky for most, there are people like Mike out there that have a passion for that type of thing.  Building a relationship with your accountant crucial for your business not only at tax time but year round. Are you using your accountant to their full potential? In today’s episode Mike and I talk about just that and more.   

Mike Jesowshek is a modern and innovative CPA taking a new age approach to accounting, tax savings, and growing your business.

Mike has spent the majority of his career as an entrepreneur.  He was CFO and co-founded several companies and has experience in all business stages. He set out on a mission to help businesses that have seen and lived the same experiences he did in business.  This is how JETRO was built. He has been in the shoes of many small business owners out there and his end goal is to help them in one area that most business owners are not familiar with, accounting and taxes.