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Apr 21, 2020

Are you great with coming up with the big picture but actually breaking it down to work on it feels like such a struggle? Then my guest today is someone you will want to connect with! 

Amanda Lopes-Bregoli is the owner of Refocus On Being, providing growth solutions for the heart & soul of your business. Through her coaching programs and her business consulting work, she takes the guesswork and fear out of growing your business so you can grow and scale with confidence, put yourself first, and love your life again. She focuses on creating a business that supports your life, and thrives off of being able to use her expertise and knowledge to provide life-changing, highly personalized support to her clients.

A mom of 10 year old boy / girl twins, she got tired of the life-and-energy drain of being in corporate sales and business development for over 17 years, left that world, and has been running her own successful home business for the past 5+ years.