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May 19, 2020

Navigating the world of social media can be an ongoing struggle these days especially for the small business owner who is trying to wear all hats.  Finding a coach and partner who understands this and keeps up on navigating the waters of platforms is where Kim Free and her team come in. 

Kim Free is owner and CEO of Small Town Girl Promotions, a social media and online marketing agency focussed on helping small businesses. With a degree in Psychology, and years of elementary school teaching experience, Kim comes to us filled with passion for figuring out what makes people click that “like” button! She loves to think about what makes people react the way they do online, and she also loves sharing her expertise with others.  Her business, Small Town Girl Promotions, was founded 2.5 years ago and has grown exponentially since then… via social media marketing, networking, and word of mouth.

Above all else, Kim believes in the passion, hard work, and dedication of the small business owner! She loves to take social media off the busy business owner's to do list to free them up to spend more time with their passion.

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