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Nov 24, 2020

Have you ever read a book that you thought, there is no way this happens in real life!? When Marek sent me his book I really didn't know what to expect besides business. Well was I wrong! There is  lessons, taming egos, travel, women, parties, fast cars, friends, corruption and cultures. That STILL doesn't even scratch the surface of this book.  

After I was done the book I could not WAIT to talk with Marek and find out more about the book, Freddy, where Chinedu originated from and more.  Trust me once you read the book it will all make sense.  

Just when you think there cannot be more there is: 

He co-founded – a 2-in-1 Solar Roofs producer, – a Travel Technology Company, and Jumia Travel – Africa’s Biggest Hotel Booking Portal listed on NYSE as part of Jumia Group. In 2014, he was chosen as one of the Ten Most Important People in Tech by IT News Africa Magazine. He is a Lead Mentor at Google’s Launchpad and World Bank’s XL Africa Program.

Marek is a bestselling author of “Chasing Black Unicorns”, a former snowboard instructor, and a bartender, but his real life goal is simply to leave this World in slightly better shape than what it was when he arrived.