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Oct 25, 2022

I sat down with the hilarious and intelligent Inbal. We talk about 

  •  Funny dating stories 
  • What networking should actually be about
  • Who to surround yourself with and 
  • Why it shouldn’t always be about money

Inbal Claudio was born in Israel, and aside from a 4-year stint in North Carolina has spent the majority of her...

Oct 18, 2022

This week I review the book my Money My Way, what my favorite parts were, some key takeways, how it is diffrent from other budget books I have read and if I think it is worth your time and money. 


Oct 4, 2022

Amy talks about inspirations to no give up on your dreams, fun tips for being behind the camera, how the ask needs to happen each day and how to do that and even a bit of marriage advice. .  This episode is chalked full of tips, advice, deep thoughts and lots of laughter. Grab a note book and pen because you are for...