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Feb 28, 2023

Seems like a loaded topic to talk about but it is really more than just the two sides.  What about all the in between stuff? 

That is why I wanted to have Jodi on my show. We talk about all the in between and ways that you can use “the end” to encourage and motivate you to make the between the best experiences. 

Feb 14, 2023

Sometimes the questions you were not expecting to ask are the ones that get you to the best stories and sharing.

This was the case with Jonathan and I.

We went in so many directions from childhood memories, figuring out life lessons, diversification, journaling practices and more! 

To connect with Jonathan further and...

Feb 7, 2023

Find your ideal client! Create your avatar! We hear things like this a lot but how do we figure out what that is. 

Today I talk about how to look at your current clients differently and why you need to start to interview your new clients. Questions to ask and things to watch for. 

All of this is going to help you figure...