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Oct 17, 2023

Do you feel that you are the CEO in your small business? 

My guest today Donna Dube is going to explain why you should! 

She also gives great takeaways like:

  • Distinguish between tasks that contribute to growth and those that just maintain the status quo

  • How to use a Power Hour for strategic thinking and decision...

Oct 10, 2023

Branding is such a key word lately. We hear it all the time but it can be hard to know if you are actually doing what is needed with your branding when all the information out there seems to be opposing views. 

This is why I asked Amanda to come on the show and pull the curtain back with some things that you need to...

Oct 4, 2023

One of the key things in collaboration is creating relationships. But figuring out how and who to do that with is a task that many entrepreneurs are ok to keep moving down to 'ol to do list. 

Today I take you through a quick brain dump and challenge so that you can start to get names on paper and start creating a...