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Feb 20, 2024

Do you ever wish that you could take emotional worry, fear, concern and turn it into joy in a matter of seconds? 

Do you think that the above statement “sounds” nice but isn’t very realistic? 

My guest Joanna has perfected a way that in only 23 seconds you can learn how to get emotional relief and release. 


Feb 14, 2024

You worked hard to create and build your business. For most it has blood, sweat and tears combined in there. How can you make sure that all of that does not go to waste? 

Trademark it! 

Now I know this topic seems as sexy as talking about Profit and Loss statements or watching paint dry but my guest today Andrei makes...

Feb 6, 2024

Have you struggled with trying to figure out how to make work life balance a thing. Trying to be all things on all fronts, personal and business. Do you sit at the end of the day and wonder how the hell others are managing it? 

The truth is my guest today Unyime found the answer and it may really surprise you. 


Jan 24, 2024

My guest today is Alan Lazaros. At age 2, his father passed away in a car accident. At age 26, after getting into a nearly fatal car accident himself, Alan questioned everything he was doing in life.

He questioned who he was and the choices he was making. He was at an all-time low, and decided to change his trajectory...

Jan 9, 2024

I wanted to go big in 2024 and my guest today did not disappoint at all.  Not only does Courtney talk about:

1. Insider Secrets for Launching a New & Noteworthy Podcast

2. 3 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs a Podcast

3. Your Missing Piece to Massive Audience Growth


But she also gets honest about allowing your...