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Feb 15, 2019

In 2013, Brooklyn-based designer Ryder Carroll took the productivity world by storm when he introduced bullet journaling, a method that he developed to stay organized without being restricted to a pre-formatted planner template. Those who adopt the system are wildly passionate about it, these loyal followers are proud to call themselves productivity-loving nerds, who not only use it themselves but love to teach others how to harness this artform.  We are thrilled to speak with one of these teachers, Sara Golby is the queen of the pens!

Sarah started her journey while working as a manager at an environmental consulting company. While wandering rural Alberta conducting inspections, tracking multi-million dollar projects, leading 35 staff members, and trying to maintain a personal life, she had to have a way to stay on top of everything. Apps weren’t working, three different notebooks were too much to handle, and limping along with six different systems was letting life slip through the cracks.

Then she discovered Bullet Journaling, and created one system to rule them all.